Did you go to sleep away camp when you were a kid? Living and even visiting Sherwood Forest is like a flashback to your Catskill summers. But better than that, folks live here, many year round. It is a community of few listings and few sales for many of the homes get bought and sold between families and neighbors. If you didn't go to camp as a kid, and you would like to as an adult, may I suggest you moving here. 

They have some interesting homeowners rules so pay attention! Say you have always 
dreamed of owning a cute little blue house, no...make it yellow...no perhaps gray. Forget it! There are 3 acceptable colors in Sherwood Forest and they are: Green, Brown and White. Period. No exceptions. And don't get funny with the shades of Green either. They have specific approved shades. Why? These colors fit into the surrounds and are as unpretentious as the community members are. 

They have some of the best amenities of any community. Including but not limited to: 
golf, tennis, basketball, sailing, kayak, canoeing, cricket, bocce, swimming, riding, 
horseshoes, archery, fishing, and golf cart racing. Just about everyone owns and golf 
cart here and it is the preferred mode of transportation. And there are some other 
benefits of living here, namely 
Sherwood Forest Boys and Girls Camp! At a nominal 
fee to children and grandchildren. 

There is one small matter, I have almost forgotten to mention. When you ink the contract you will want to (that means you will) make a $15,000 contribution to the community as well as an $1,100 per month HOA fee. Hey, it takes a lot of money to groom this community. Also, I must mention the 
Sherwood Forest Land Trust. A group of forward thinking community members purchased land in 1999, for the sake of 
keeping more than 300 acres safe from evil homebuilders. 

711 Bestgate Rd Annapolis MD 21401