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Well, if there is a community in Anne Arundel County that has more intrigue 
than Fishing Creek Farm, I am sure I don't know about it. At a recent party at a home 
in this community I lemented to the owner (whose father-in-law, lived in the lower level 
of this mansion) that I lived closer to my in-laws than they did, and mine lived a block 
away! The homes in this neighborhood are very large, and custom built. The 
community has many waterfront homes and has one of the nicest club houses in 
the area, complete with pool of course. Residents of this neighborhood are as 
beautiful as their homes! 

From a small starter home in the low 700's to a waterfront at 2.5 million, this 
neighborhood is where the healthy, wealthy and wise call home. Complete with 
marina, community center and pool, this water privileged neighborhood consists 
of all custom homes. No one builder community here. Colonials, Contemporaries 
and an occasional Cape Cod adorn this expensive oasis. But if you plan on you 
and your cousin putting in a little trailer, or G-d forbit a split foyer, you can forget 
that! The homeowner's association has rules to keep those small homes out 
of this community. 

At one time, the country was a buzz about the Hatfield and McCoy situation in this 
quiet neighborhood, but if you ask me, it was much ado about nothing. All is calm 
now, and that is how the residents like it. 

711 Bestgate Rd Annapolis MD 21401