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Annapolis Cove, Annapolis, MD


Annapolis Cove has it all. Great waterfront, beautiful homes, very nice people, a park, marina, canoe racks, picnic area and all minutes from downtown Annapolis and Quiet Waters Park. They have an agreement with the Bay Ridge Pool to be members also. What a life! 


Shortly after my husband and I got married, we put an offer on a home in Annapolis Cove. Three days later I found out I was pregnant. We did not go through with the purchase. (See it happens!) I have often lamented it. This I can tell you. If we had bought in this community, I would still be living there 17 years later; wild horses could not have gotten me to leave. For the full story, you will have to join me for lunch! 

Prices in this neighborhood in the last 2 years have ranged from 550k to 1.3 million. Most homes are colonials, although there are a few contemporaries too. Lot sizes vary from 1/3 acre to a full acre and the community has a home owner's association and rules. 

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711 Bestgate Rd Annapolis MD 21401